Explore the role your DNA plays in your personality traits, learning predispositions, and interpersonal tendencies. Get insights on how your genetics may impact your social behavior, creativity, music performance, creativity, mathematical thinking, memory performance, and many others with the 25 reports created by our AI & Genomics engine. Upload DNA testing data from 23andme, FamilyTreeDNA or AncestryDNA. 


  • Find out which SNPs, variations in your DNA, contribute to your personality, learning style, and interpersonal skills
  • Explore the science for your assessment and get access to resources to further inform your decision-making process
  • View on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet
  • Download and print your PDF report
  • Share with your family and friends
  • Debate nature vs nurture: is it your genes, or your upbringing?

*Find out how to upload your existing 23andMe, AncestryDNA or FamilyTreeDNA data here.


Explore your genetically influenced personality characteristics such as anger response, morning person, optimism, warrior personality, exploratory behavior, addictive personality, worrier personality, and impulsivity.



Assess how your genetic makeup may influence some of your interactions in the social and professional environment, including your predispositions for empathy, leadership potential, agreeableness, extraversion, and sociability.



Get insights on how your genetics may impact your cognitive development with regards to predispositions for creativity music performance aptitude, musical creativity, mathematical aptitude, memory performance, reading aptitude and learning from mistakes.


Most applications rely on single genetic variation-single genetic trait association studies. LifeNome’s AI & Genomics technology dynamically explores a network of DNA variations that influence your potential predisposition. Our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm uses aggregate analysis of more than 2,400 scientific studies calibrated on tens of thousands of genomes.



DNA-based predisposition is not a diagnosis of a disease or condition. Predisposition risk or likelihood is a statistical measure based on the latest advances in genomics science and is provided as an additional layer of information for nutritional decision-making. LifeNome recommendations fall within established non-medical guidelines for well-being and do not constitute any medical advice.

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