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Understand Your unique DNA-based Skin aging, and your intrinsic defense mechanism against pollution and sun radiation. Learn how Your affects skin characteristics such as collagen breakdown, glycation, sensitivity to sun, antioxidant capacity, photoaging and many others. 20 Reports, Risk Assessments and Recommendations.

Uses your existing 23andMe, or FamilyTreeDNA Data. If you do not have genetic testing data already, order our Total Wellness Insights Product + DNA Testing Kit that is also available on the webshop.

  • Design the optimal skin-care regimen for Your Skin DNA
  • Find out which SNPs, variations in Your DNA, contribute to Your Skin characteristics and needs
  • Explore the Science for Your assessment and get access to resources to further inform your decision-making
  • View on Your desktop, mobile phone or download the PDF report (see sample report here)
  • Share with Your family and friends
  • Discuss with Your beautician or dermatologist
  • Choose Skin-care products that are right for You

Skin and Aging: Your skin changes as you age. Some people are exceptional agers: their skin does not change much over decades while others develop wrinkles earlier in life, due to increased collagen breakdown and glycation process. Sagging eyelids can become a frequent concern in some middleaged and older adults. Numerous scientific studies demonstrated that skin aging has a strong genetic basis. Explore how Your genetic makeup impacts Your skin as You age.

Skin and the Environment: The environment we live in is a crucial factor in maintaining the health of our skin. Many skin problems are due to irritants and chemicals in the air such as automobile exhaust and smoke from factories. Human skin maintains a sophisticated system to defend itself, and gets rid of external irritants. Variants in the genes that play key roles in skin protection, barrier function and detoxification, may lead to irritations, premature aging, and early pigmented spots. Find out how Your DNA affects Your skin's sensitivity to environmental factors.  Become proactive to protect Your skin from pollution.

Skin and the Sun: The skin uses sunlight to help manufacture vitamin D, which is critical for many bodily functions. At the same time, ultraviolet light can be very detrimental, and skin exposed to sun ages faster. Humans vary over 1000- fold in their sensitivity to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, and it is largely determined by their genetics. People with lighter skin already know that their skin burns when exposed to sun, while people who tan well, and people with darker skin mistakenly assume that sun does not have significant effect on their skin. Gain insights on whether Your genetics influences Your risk of pigmented spots and photoaging. Get actionable insights on how to protect Your skin from harmful UV exposure.

Skin Profile: While environment, including diet, stress, age, hormones contribute to how your skin looks and feels, genetics plays a large role in whether your skin is inherently dry, or acne prone, your risk of rosacea, eczema, and stretch marks. Genetic variants in key enzymes impact skin’s antioxidant capacity or inflammation. Explore Your DNA-based skinch caracteristics. Learn how to choose the best skin care products for Your unique skin needs.

Revolutionary Genomics Technology and Rigorous ScienceMost applications rely on single genetic variation-single genetic trait association studies. LifeNome’s AI + Genomics technology dynamically explores a network of DNA variations that influence Your potential predisposition. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Algorithm uses aggregate analysis of more than 2400 scientific studies calibrated on tens of thousands genomes. SkinNome reports are reviewed and certified by Dermatologists.

LifeNome Statement of Limitations: DNA-based predisposition is not a diagnosis of a disease or condition. Predisposition risk or likelihood is a statistical measure based on the latest advances in genomics science and is provided as an additional layer of information for nutritional decision-making. NutriNome recommendations fall within established non-medical guidelines for nutrition and do not constitute medical advice. Consult with your beautician, dermatologist or general physician before making any major changes to your skin care routines.  

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