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Explore Your DNA-based predisposition to allergies and sensitivities such as gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, pet and plant allergies, sensitivity to mercury and benzene, motion sickness, and many others assessed by our AI+Genomics network analysis. 20 Reports, Risk Assessments and Recommendations.

Uses your existing 23andMe, or FamilyTreeDNA Data. If you do not have genetic testing data already, order our Total Wellness Insights Product + DNA Testing Kit that is also available on the webshop.

  • Watch out for symptoms
  • Design the optimal lifestyle plan for you
  • Find out which SNPs, variations in your DNA, contribute to your nutrition, metabolism and diet needs
  • Explore the Science for your assessment and get access to resources to further inform your decision-making
  • View on your desktop, mobile phone, or download the PDF report (see sample report here)
  • Share with your family and friends
  • Discuss with your nutritionist, or physician

Food Allergies: The body’s immune system keeps you healthy by fighting off infections and other dangers to good health. A food allergy reaction occurs when your immune system overreacts to a food or a substance in a food, identifying it as a danger and triggering a protective response. Food allergy symptoms are most common in babies and children, but they can appear at any age. You can even develop an allergy to foods you have eaten for years with no problems. Learn more about your potential genetic predispositions for various food allergies.

Indoor Allergies: Millions of people suffer year-round from allergy symptoms caused by indoor allergens. Although many substances in dust can trigger allergic symptoms, the most important indoor allergens are dust mites, pet dander, cockroaches, and molds. Unlike seasonal allergies such as hay fever, indoor allergies may last all year long. Explore how your genetics may predispose you to, or protect you from, indoor allergens. 

Outdoor Allergies:  Pollen is the biggest culprit behind outdoor allergies. Tree pollens are more common in Spring, while grass pollens are prevalent in Summer. Weed pollens trigger outdoor allergies in Summer and Fall. Ragweed pollen is the most common cause of Summer and Fall allergy symptoms, and it can travel for hundreds of miles. Explore your DNA-based predisposition to, and protection from, common outdoor allergens.

Sensitivity to Chemicals: How sensitive is your body to chemicals, such as solvents and volatile organic compounds, and heavy metals, such as mercury, is influenced by your genetics. Our bodies have a highly sophisticated system of enzyme pathways to eliminate external particles. Genetic variants in genes that code for the key enzymes may interfere with the detoxification process. Explore your DNA-based predispositions for sensitivity to benzene, mercury, and PCB, and get actionable insights on how to deal with the exposures.

Other Sensitivities: In addition to food, outdoor, indoor and chemical allergies and sensitivities, your genetic makeup can also influence other sensitivities that impact your life. Explore how your unique genetic makeup impacts your potential predisposition for motion sickness, seasonality, noise sensitivity, and noise-induced hearing loss in this section.

Revolutionary Genomics Technology and Rigorous Science: Most applications rely on single genetic variation-single genetic trait association studies. LifeNome’s AI + Genomics technology dynamically explores a network of DNA variations that influence Your potential predisposition. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Algorithm uses aggregate analysis of more than 2400 scientific studies calibrated on tens of thousands genomes.

LifeNome Statement of Limitations: DNA-based predisposition is not a diagnosis of a disease or condition. Predisposition risk or likelihood is a statistical measure based on the latest advances in genomics science and is provided as an additional layer of information for nutritional decision-making. NutriNome recommendations fall within established non-medical guidelines for nutrition and do not constitute medical advice. Consult with your Registered Dietician or Physician before making any major changes to your diet. Consult with your allergist or general physician before making any major changes to your allergy management choices.

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