Leverage DNA-based insights provided by the most comprehensive package on the market today to make personalized wellness decisions! Access 140+ genetic predisposition reports on nutrition, dieting, fitness, skin-care, allergy management and personality development.

LifeNome reports use your existing data from, or Don't have DNA data? You can order a testing kit with Total Wellness Insights Package. Individual reports exclude DNA testing kit.

LifeNome (140+ Reports) + 23andMe DNA Kit and 70+ Reports Package (U.S. Only)
  • $399.00
  • 210 Reports
210 DNA-based Assessment Reports total! Get the most comprehensive DNA-based Health and Ancestry Package in the market today!
Complete set with DNA testing kit 140 reports, ancestry information and DNA24 App
  • $269.00
  • 140 Reports
Learn about your DNA-based predispositions for nutrition, dieting, fitness, allergies, skin care and personality with practical personalized advice from DNA24 App.
Personalize your diet, vitamins and minerals intake based on your genetic makeup
  • $89.00
  • 50 Reports
Have you wondered which diet is more effective for your unique biology? Get a comprehensive understanding of your unique DNA-based diet effectiveness, vitamins and minerals needs and metabolism traits. Reports only.
Optimize your exercise routine with the insights created for your own DNA-based fitness profile
  • $69.00
  • 27 Reports
Understand your unique fitness profile. Discover how your body responds to various exercise routines according to your DNA. Reports only.
Learn more about your DNA-based predispositions for allergies and sensitivities
  • $59.00
  • 23 Reports
Have you ever felt blah after consuming gluten or dairy? Explore your DNA-based predisposition to allergies and sensitivities. Reports only.
Get to know how your genes impact your behaviour, creativity, performance and more
  • $59.00
  • 25 Reports
Get a better understanding of your personality profile, learning predispositions and interpersonal tendencies. Reports only.
Tailor your skincare regimen to your unique DNA-based skin needs
  • $59.00
  • 20 Reports
Understand your unique skin aging defined by your DNA, your intrinsic defense mechanism against pollution and sun radiation, and your skin characteristics. Reports only.
Get your DNA kit and tailor your skincare regimen to your unique DNA-based skin needs
  • $129.00
  • 20 Reports
Take our DNA test and understand your unique DNA-based skin aging & defense against pollution and the sun. Get the optimal skin-care regimen for your skin. Includes DNA kit

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